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  • Characteristics and Classification of Living
    Seven Characters Of Livings
    Classification Based On DNA
    Binomial Classification System
    The Kingdoms Of Classification - Animals, Plants, Fungi, Protoctista, Prokaryotes, Viruses
    Classifying Animals - Phylum Vertebrates, Class Fish, Class Amphibians, Class Reptiles, Class Birds, Class Mammals, Phylum Arthropods, Insects, Crustaceans, Arachnids, Myriapods
    Classifying Plants - Ferns, Flowering Plants
    Dichotomous Key And Its Construction
  • Organization of the Organism
    Cell Structure - Cell Membrane, Cell Wall, Cytoplasm, Vacuoles, Chloroplasts, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Ribosomes.
    Cells And Organisms - Tissue, Organs, Organ Systems
  • Movement In and Out of Cells
    Osmosis - Partially Permeable, Water Potential,
    Osmosis And Animal Cells
    Osmosis And Plant Cells - Plasmolysed, Floppy, Flaccid, Turgid
    Active Transport - Transport Protein
  • Biological Molecules
    Carbohydrates - Sugars, Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides
    Functions Of Carbohydrates
    Testing For Carbohydrates- Benedict's Test, Iodine Test
    Fats - Function Of Fats
    Testing For Fats And Oil - Ethanol Emulsion Test
    Proteins - Function Of Proteins
    Testing For Proteins - Biuret Test
  • Enzymes
    Biological Catalysts
    Naming Enzymes
    The Lock And Key Mechanism - Active Site, Substrate, Product
    Properties Of Enzymes
    Effect Of Temperature And pH On Enzyme Activity
  • Plant Nutrition
    Types Of Nutrition - Organic, Inorganic
    Photosynthesis - Equation, Leaf Structure
    Leaf Adaptation -Carbon Dioxide, Sunlight And Water
    Uses Of Glucose
    Testing Leaves For Starch - Iodine Test, Destarching Plants. Limiting Factors - Sunlight, Carbon Dioxide
    Growing Crops In Glass House
    Importance Of Photosynthesis
  • Human Nutrition
    Energy Needs
    Nutrients - Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres
    Fat And Heart Disease
    Starvation And Malnutrition - Kwashiorkor, Marasmus
    Digestion - Mechanical And Chemical Digestion
    Teeth - Types Of Teeth, Dental Decay, Gum Disease, Tooth Decay
    The Alimentary Canal - The Mouth, Oesophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Bile, Villi, Absorption Of Digested Food, Large Intestine. Diarrhoea
  • Transport in Plants
    Plant Transport System - Xylem, Phloem, Vascular Bundle, Sieve Plate And Sieve Tube Elements
    Water Uptake
    Water Potential Gradient
    Measuring Transpiration Rates - Potometer
    Condition That Affect Transpiration Rate - Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Light Intensity, Water Supply
    Uptake Of Ions
    Transport Of Manufactured Food - Translocation, Source, Sink
  • Transport in Animals
    Circulatory System - Oxygenating The Blood, Double And Single Circulatory System
    The Heart -Atria, Ventricle, Venae Cavae, Pulmonary Artery And Vein, Aorta, Cardiac Muscle, Cardiac Arrest, Coronary Heart Disease
    Preventing Coronary Heart Disease
    Treating Coronary Heart Disease - Angioplasty, Coronary Bypass Operation, Heart Transplant
    Heart Beat - Stethoscope, Electrocardiograph, Electrodes
    Valves In Heart -Tricuspid, Bicuspid, Mitral, Atrioventricular Valve
    Blood Vessels - Arteries, Veins, Capillary
    Naming Blood Vessels
    Blood - Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Blood Clot, Fibrinogen, Fibrin
    Transport In Blood -- Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Food Materials, Urea, Hormones, Heat, Plasma Proteins
    Lymph And Tissue Fluids - Function Of Tissue Fluids, Lymph Nodes
  • Diseases and Immunity
    Pathogen Transfer - Direct And Indirect Transmission
    Body Defences - Mechanical Barriers,Chemical Barriers
    Food Hygiene. Personal Hygiene. Waste Disposal. Sewage Treatment. The Immune System - Antibodies (Antigens, Lymphocytes), Memory Cells, Vaccination, Active And Passive Immunity, Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Gas Exchange in Humans
    Gas Exchange Surfaces
    Human Breathing System
    The Pathway To Lungs - The Nose And Mouth, Trachea, Bronchi, Alveoli
    Gas Exchange In The Lungs
    Breathing Movements - Inspiration, Expiration
    Exercise And Breathing Rate
  • Respiration
    Aerobic Respiration
    Anaerobic Respiration- Lactic Acid
    Experiment To Show That The Uptake Of Oxygen During Aerobic Respiration
  • Excretion in Humans
    Excretory Products - Egestion And Excretion
    Nitrogenous Waste
    The Human Excretory System - Kidney, Kidney Tubules, Urine Formation, Filtration, Glomerulus, Reabsorption, Bladder
    Kidney Dialysis
    Kidney Transplants
  • Coordination and Response
    Coordination In Animals
    The Human Nervous System - Myelin, The Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Reflex Arcs, Sensory Neurone, Motor Neurone, Relay Neurone, Synapses
    Receptors - Sense Organs
    The Structure Of Eye - Retina, Iris
    Focusing Light - Adjusting The Focus
    Endocrine Glands - Adrenaline
    Coordination And Response In Plants - Plant Hormones, Auxin, Phototropism
  • Drugs
    Medicinal Drugs -Antibiotic
    Misuse Of Drugs - Heroin, Alcohol, Alcoholism, Anabolic Steroids
    Tobacco Smoking - Stimulant, Emphysema, Carcinogen
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    Smoking And Heart Disease
    Smoking And Lung Cancer
  • Reproduction
    Plants - Asexual Reproduction
    Sexual Reproduction - Gametes -Male And Female
    Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants - Flowers, Pollen Grains And Ovules
    Pollination - Self And Cross, Wind Pollination, Insect Pollination
    Seeds formation
    Seed Germination
    Comparing Sexual And Asexual Reproduction
    Animals -
    Female Reproductive Organs
    Male Reproductive Organs
    Egg Production
    Sperm Production
    Fertilization And Development
    Placenta And Amnion
    Development Of The Embryo And Fetus
    Ante-Natal Care
    Caring For Young Baby
    Breast Feeding And Bottle Feeding
    The Menstrual Cycle - Puberty, Hormonal Control
    Birth Control - Natural. Chemical, Mechanical And Surgical Methods
    Increasing Fertility
    Sexually Transmitted Infections - AIDS
    Preventing HIV Transmission
  • Inheritance
    Cell Division - Homologous Chromosome, Mitosis, Meiosis, Stem Cells, Chromatids
    Inheritance - Homozygous, Heterozygous, Genotype, Phenotype, Dominant And Recessive Alleles, Codominance
    Genes And Fertilization
    Genetic Diagrams
    Probabilities In Genetics
    Test Cross
    Pure Breeding
    Sex Determination
    Sex Linkage - Inheritance Of Sex Linked Characters
    DNA And Protein Synthesis - Genetic Code, Protein Synthesis
  • Variation and Selection
    Variation - Genetic And Environmental Variation And Its Causes. Adaptive Features - Xerophytes, Hydrophytes. Selection- Variation, Over Production, Survival Of The Fittest, Gradual Change. Natural Selection. Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria. Stabilising Selection. Sickle Cell Anaemia. Selective Breeding
  • Organisms and Environment
    Energy Flow - Producers And Consumers, Energy Losses, Trophic Levels
    Pyramids Of Biomass
    Energy Efficiency
    Nutrient Cycles - Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle
    Population Size - Birth Rate And Death Rate
    Factors Affecting Population Growth
    Age Pyramids
    Human Population
  • Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
    Biotechnology - Using Microorganism, Yeast, Making Biofuels, Making Bread
    Making Use Of Enzymes - Biological Washing Powders, Pectinase, Lactase
    Genetic Engineering Examples And Procedure
  • Human Influences on Ecosystem
    Food Production
    Increasing Food Production
    Negative Impacts Of Monocultures
    Negative Impacts Of Intensive Livestock Production
    World Food Supplies
    Habitat Destruction
    Pollution - Green House Gases, Acid Rain, Eutrophication, Nuclear Fall Out, Pesticide, Chemical Waste, Non - Biodegradable Plastics
    Female Contraceptive Hormones
    Conservation - Sustainable Resources, Recycling of Glass, Plastics, Metals and Paper
    Sewage Treatment
    Sustainable Development - Conserving Forests, Fish Stock, Endangered Species
    Habitat Destruction
    Conserving Endangered Species
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