Teach the World. Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Are your an Educator?

Being a Brainnr Guru is more than just being a tutor. Brainnr's challenging aptitude tests, followed by a series of stringent interviews serve to select only the best of the best. Once you become a Brainnr Guru, you join an elite group of academics whose intent is to make the world a better place through education.

The Brainnr Guru Motto is "Teach the World". While Brainnr can give you the tools to do it, only the Brainnr Guru can accomplish this by sharing their knowledge and expertise with adolescents everywhere in order to build a better future. One of the best parts of accomplishing this is that it can be done from anywhere, especially from home.

If you have an Internet connection, a computer, and the Brainnr Guru Starter Kit, then you can start teaching kids anywhere in the world - and earning a respectable income while doing so. It takes only a week to complete Brainnr's onboarding procedure wherein you will be given all of the training materials necessary to succeed. If you are focused and driven, you can become a Brainnr Guru.

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