Frequently Asked Questions

What does Brainnr offer ?

Brainnr offers a suite of rich content that is designed keeping your curriculum and exam requirements in mind. Our content, which includes Quizzes, Videos and Doubt Solving tutoring lessons have been created with the help of certified curriculum experts and examiners.

What is the benefits of Brainnr ?

Rich content delivered with good user experience with the aim of improving your topic understanding. Study, revise, compete with your friends, watch short videos and solve your doubts.

How can I use Brainnr ?

You can use Brainnr on or simply download the Brainnr - Revision App from the Google Play Store.

Which curricula does Brainnr offer ?

As of now, Brainnr offers the CBSE, ICSE and Cambridge -IGCSE curriculum. However, we will be adding content for other curricula including A-Levels, SAT, IIT-Jee.

How do I schedule a tutoring lesson ?

For now, you can simply fill out the Book Online Tutoring Lesson form and our academic team will get in touch with you for demo lesson.

Who is a Brainnr Guru ?

A Brainnr Guru is a tutor who is officially certified by Brainnr and, therefore, allowed to teach on We like to think of them as more than just a tutor. All tutors who wish to become Brainnr Guru participate in rigorous entry procedures. They must pass a rigorous aptitude test, undergo technical training to use our software, and clear a communications interview. Once they complete these tasks, they become a Brainnr Guru, certified and ready to share their knowledge with students.