About Us

Brainnr has had the privilege of becoming a global brand since it's moment of inception. By supplying free study materials for curricula used all over the world, Brainnr's services are appreciated by adolescents all the way from China to the United States. As we grow, we can supply online tutors to all corners of the globe via our Simple Learning and Teaching Environment (SLATE). At Brainnr, we believe that we can teach the world...anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Through the use of cutting edge technology, Brainnr seeks to provide any child, with access to the Internet and a computer, the ability to study and learn - to touch up on weak points with a Brainnr Guru or to even receive a complete and comprehensive education through our system. We also seek to empower any teacher by helping them become a Brainnr Guru so that they can work from home, or anywhere, in order to fully maximize their potential and meet the needs of students all around the world.


"Teach the world...anyone, anytime, anywhere."  This is Brainnr's motto, and we believe it is the future of global education. Our goal is to become the most trusted brand in education by providing cutting edge technology and easy access to education to all corners of the earth. No child should ever forego the opportunity to improve their lives by receiving a proper education. Brainnr will be the tool that they use to achieve such goals - one step at a time, one day at a time - Brainnr will teach the world.

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Founding Team
Devavrat Jatia
Devavrat Jatia

Founder & CEO

Ujjawal Misra
Ujjawal Misra

Co-Founder & CTO